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20.08.14:TUIO Hackathon at ITS

TUIO is alive! We will host a studio workshop at the ACM International Conference Interactive on Interactive Tabletops ITS 2014 in Dresden in November. The event is targeting developers and experts who are interested in implementing TUIO 2.0, please register on time since the places are limited!

05.12.11: PQ Labs supports

We received a generous hardware donation by PQ Labs, who provide a multi-platform TUIO implementation for their line of multitouch overlays. Our new 52" G3 Plus will be used for our research activities at the Interface Culture Lab, such as the GearBox by Ulrich Brandst├Ątter and Oliver Buchtala, who will explore the usability of multitouch surfaces in musical therapy.

26.10.2011: object tracking on tablet surfaces

To support the further development of the TUIO platform, we are looking for hardware donations of various iOS and Android tablet devices as well as other hardware with potential TUIO support. We are planning object tracking support (such as AppMates) for the TuioPad and TUIOdroid apps by adding the according TUIO object profile implementation. Please get in touch with martin_at_tuio_dot_org for further information.

29.03.2011: TuioDroid on the Android Market

TUIOdroid is an open source TUIO tracker for Android devices, which allows multi-touch remote control based on the TUIO protocol. The app is available free of charge on the Android Market and can be used in conjunction with any TUIO enabled client application. Many thanks to Tobias Schwirten for making his code available! Additionally there is also the TuioPad for iOS devices available on the iTunes App Store.

26.11.2010: TUIO Kinect implementations

TuioKinect is a free proof-of-concept TUIO hand gesture tracker for the popular Microsoft Kinect controller. This application allows the rapid creation of gesture enabled applications within any platform or environment that supports the TUIO protocol. According to earlier news Evoluce AG now also supports the Kinect controller within its TUIO enabled multi-touch solutions. Florian Echtler's latest TISCH release now also supports the Kinect controller as TUIO tracker. You should also check out this TUIO finger tracker for Kinect.

04.01.2010: TUIO 2.0 specification nearing completion

The next generation TUIO 2.0 specification is intended to cover a much wider scope of tangible user interfaces and interactive surfaces. The present TUIO 1.1 protocol has been mainly used for multi-touch interfaces, but also defines the basic component descriptors for tagged and untagged physical objects. TUIO2 extends these existing component descriptors with several attributes, and also defines new descriptors for additional interface component types within an improved message syntax. Continue reading ....

18.10.2009: Flash TUIO/FLC Client

Immanuel Bauer and Georg Kaindl implemented the LocalConnection approach, which allows to transmit OSC messages to Flash more efficiently. In collaboration with Dean North and Johannes Luderschmidt they developed a Flash/AS3 library, which adopts the common TUIO client API, but also supports legacy applications as well as TUIO/TCP. The current TUIO C++ implementation in CVS, already provides the two alternative TUIO/FLC and TUIO/TCP methods within an updated TUIO server API. There is also a TUIO/UDP to TUIO/FLC gateway available.

28.08.2009: TUIO 1.1 specification

The new TUIO 1.1 specification is a backward compatible update to the original TUIO protocol. This version introduces an additional blob profile /tuio/2Dblb, which allows the description of the approximate blob geometry with an oriented bounding box. The update also defines an optional "source" message, which enables the multiplexing of several TUIO sources on the client side. An initial C++ reference implementation is already available in CVS. After its finalization we will also provide updated Java and C# implementations for the new client and server API.

26.08.2009: site update

There have been a few updates to the web site: A new showcase section provides an overview about a few selected open source applications. The provided examples are tangible or multi-touch applications for several programming languages, which can serve as a starting point or inspiration for your own creation. The TUIO roadmap has been updated to reflect the recent advances with the current and future TUIO specifications and implementations. Finally a dedicated news archive maintains the access to older news from the front page.

10.08.2009: MS Surface TUIO support

Researchers at the University of Konstanz created the Surface-To-Tuio bridge, which implements a TUIO object and cursor source on the Microsoft Surface. This allows to directly use a growing collection of open source software on this commercial platform. Another interesting innovation is MultiPointer TUIO, which uses several mice to simulate multi-touch via TUIO on Windows. We are also already working on the implementation of the new TUIO 1.1 protocol specification, an initial C++ reference implementation is available in CVS.

28.07.2009: more TUIO Software

There have been several interesting new additions to the TUIO software collection during the past weeks. Two projects added browser support using different approaches, PookyTouch is a Firefox/XUL extension, while npTuioClient provides a browser plugin. Another interesting innovation is MultiPointer TUIO, which uses several mice to simulate multi-touch via TUIO on Windows. We are also working on the implementation of the new TUIO 1.1 protocol specification, there is an initial C++ reference implementation available in CVS.

20.06.2009: TUIO Software updates

In the recent weeks, several significant TUIO software components have been updated. The collection of TUIO 1.0 clients is now completed, and has been published together with the reacTIVision 1.4 release. The NUI group released the new version of its multi-touch tracker CCV, which now also features a complete TUIO 1.0 implementation. The next step will be the implementation of the TUIO 1.1 protocol specification, an initial C++ reference implementation is now available in CVS.

20.04.2009: TUIO Roadmap

After four years, the TUIO 1.0 specification has reached its limits and the community is moving towards a next generation TUIO protocol. TUIO 2.0 is already in the works, but it will still take some time until its finalization, and before all current TUIO software and the TUIO API will support this extended and more flexible protocol specification. This TUIO roadmap defines a few steps such as an intermediate and backward compatible TUIO 1.1 specification that will ensure a smooth transition towards the future TUIO protocol generation.

18.03.2009: Google Summer of Code 2009

TUIO will be a hot topic within the Natural User Interface (NUI) project group during this year's Google Summer of Code. In case you prefer to spend your summer coding instead of hanging out on the beach, the submission period for student proposals is starting Monday March 23rd and ends on April 3rd. Students who are planning to submit an open source project idea within the area of tangible interaction involving the TUIO protocol, are encouraged check out the NUI project Wiki for further details on how to apply.

09.03.2009: is online

During the four years after the publication of the TUIO specification, a growing community has formed around the protocol and its various implementations such as tracker applications, client libraries and the TUIO API. This new web site intends to provide a common ground primarily for core TUIO developers but also for users of the various tangible multitouch interaction frameworks that support TUIO. This will be also the place to discuss the present and future of this emerging community standard, please join the (still empty) forums.